Terry Willis

Terry Willis is a self taught artist who began painting in 1974 when she joined the Navy and rendered landscapes and seascapes of duty stations on both coasts and in Iceland.


Willis grew up along the Mississippi River in Iowa but located to Utah in 1978. Here she was moved by the rugged canyons, peace and solitude found in the wide expanses of the desert and mountains of the region.


Willis brings this passion for place to her paintings. Painting what she sees, she captures a moment as light and shadow play across canyons, rivers and ridges. In each creation she strives to capture the feeling of being alone and at peace in an incredible, but real place. Viewing her paintings is like a little respite in the wilderness.


She also sees her work as preserving pieces of remote, wild and little known landscapes. Her works reflect her travels and play. She is an active hike, mountain biker, x-country skier and photographer.


Her style has evolved and progressed. Willis began working with acrylics and now paints with oils for the rich and detailed paintings she can produce. Most of her activity is done in studio because she loves to capture the details and complexity of each scene.




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